Machlet Group, LLC

If you are an out of state property owner or you just do not want the hassle of dealing with an investment property, this could be the best opportunity you’ve come across!

Two main reasons:

Personalized, custom designed services.

Ongoing, money saving program.

My name is Mike Machlet, I have been in the Real Estate Business for over 25 years. About 11 years ago I began offering property management services.

My business model is designed to address your specific needs and can be customized in many ways. One size does not fit all!

Added value, savings bonus to my clients:

Each year when you rent your property it costs money. There are real estate fees, marketing costs, maintenance/repairs, vacancy expenses, utilities, etc. Sometimes those expenses cannot be avoided, but they can be minimized if you choose to work with me!

Because I am an Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX, I will reduce the broker fee to half the normal fee for any future Rental Listings during our property management relationship.

Plus, you will have one representative to handle everything for you - management services and tenant procurement services to find the best tenants!

Thus, we are your best choice!

We also care for your property as if it is our own. We search for discounts relating to maintenance and repairs and find the best solution for you. Our long list of trusted services providers save you money.

We treat tenants with respect and often find diplomacy is the best option when issues arise.

We are easy to reach, always helpful, available on weekends and take your concerns and your tenant's concerns to heart.

Contact me with any questions or more information. I look forward to assisting you!

Michael Machlet . 847-401-4040 . 

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